How to choose your Marketing Automation Software?

How to choose your Marketing Automation Software?
Published in : 18 Dec 2021

How to choose your Marketing Automation Software?

Customers then benefit from more personalized experience and companies can save significant time and resources. For companies looking for an automation marketing solution adapted to their needs, many offers are available on the market. If you are a small or medium-sized business and you are trying to understand how automation fits into your marketing efforts, chances are you are wondering what this automation entails and how to choose the tool that fits your business. In this article, we explain to you what a conventional automation marketing system consists of and what are the basic elements to take into account when researching.

How to choose the best crm solution for your business

Definition of automation marketing: as its name suggests, it involves automating multiple marketing techniques and processes such as email marketing campaigns, content creation, lead management, social media marketing, etc. . Automation marketing allows marketing teams to provide better online experience to users in order to convert more prospects into customers and to retain these customers. It also makes it possible to better manage the lead thanks to the automation of advanced tasks and thus to improve the quality of the customer relationship. Finally, acquiring automation marketing software automates certain repetitive tasks, such as sending emails or sms, which can be boring, painful and time consuming. Your marketing team is therefore more available to focus on deploying a relevant marketing strategy. Software publishing companies have understood this, and today the supply offered on the market is growing. It becomes difficult to navigate and choose the best software for your business. If you too want to take the plunge and acquire automation marketing software, find out the different things to consider before taking action.

How to build a client?

  • The Inbound Marketing at the service of loyalty: you cannot be advised to adopt it too much. Inherently, the inbound is an approach that promises to make its prospects not only for customers, but for loyal customers .
  • Understanding the “Inbound version” loyalty: within the Inbound approach, it turns out to be different from a loyalty as we understand it in a more traditional sense: this is not a question of a loyalty card by example. This kind of loyalty is more the fruit - or the object? - a Lead Nurturing technique that accompanies the customer, including after the purchase phase.
  • Furthermore, if we consider that a satisfied customer is a potential ambassador, everything that builds this satisfaction also indirectly allows customer loyalty (on-the-time and quality delivery, available after-sales service and listening, the quality of the product or service provided ...
  • The CRM, main loyalty tool: also called "Customer Relationship Management" of its real name, it is a software for managing the customer relationship and makes it possible to retain them: it is through it that we can manage and differentiate the contacts acquired by the company, to offer the most relevant offer and get, in fact, maximum satisfaction. It is through him that the company can take into account the individual wishes of customers and provide them with personalized, dynamic and targeted experience. Thus, the CRM is at the heart of lead nurturing and marketing automation: it performs specific tasks which, manually, would undoubtedly be subject to errors.

Among them, and in accordance with the new General Data Protection Regulations, you may :

  • Perform multi-criteria segmentation and targeting of the database
  • Plan and execute multi-channel campaigns
  • Prepare personalized reports on campaign results.
  • Identify personal data, classifies it according to different criteria
  • Classify prospects by phases of sale or maturity and can even go as far as geolocation.

Let's review some of the benefits of automation

⁇ Save your time One of the great advantages of automation is the time it saves by allowing prospecting campaigns to be carried out on different media at the same time, configure them in advance and trigger them when your prospects are ready. ⁇ Optimizing your referencing) Many companies do not yet see the value of a good referencing, do not understand why it is important to generate traffic. ⁇ Customize your customer relationship A personalized marketing message is much more effective than an impersonal message. By segmenting the prospects, you are able to deliver the right message, to the right customer, at the right time, and to customize the message for each prospect. For example, if you are a Digital Services Company specializing in the integration of industrial data, you can create a different message for each sector and address issues specific to each: building and public works, automotive, chemicals & petroleum, aerospace. ... This gives your customers the feeling that you are talking to them directly. Social media is playing an increasingly important role and helping you publish the right messages at the right time to increase the chances of actually reaching your customers. ⁇ Strengthen the efficiency of your sales team Your sales team complains about the quality of the leads provided to them? A marketing automation platform allows you to qualify leads according to their probability. Your salespeople will be able to focus on closing the good deals. For example, if your client visits and does not return to your web page, the lead is not of good quality. If a customer visits your page, then your blog, and fills out a form to obtain a price list, the lead is of better quality and your automation solution will notify sales to close the deal. ⁇ Increase the return on investment of your clicks from advertising campaigns Even if you spend thousands of euros with Google every month, this does not mean that customers who click are ready to buy. The "Pay Per Click PPC" puts the customer on your website but you must use the automation platform to make "nurturing" and bring your visitor on the purchase route until its conclusion, the act of 'purchase. ⁇ Increase the scope of your events Set up a marketing automation platform to monitor all your prospects registered or encountered during a living room, an event, a webinar. ⁇ Fidelize your customers - They are important Create ambassadors for the brand, it is just after the act of purchase that it begins. The loyalty campaigns of your existing clientele can also be created and automated. For example, you can send your client a thank you note by email and a Facebook publication as soon as the purchase document is made. Then a series of digital matches in different forms makes it possible to inform it regularly about services, maintenance, news, events, references. ⁇ Put in place continuous improvement processes: observe, understand, improve Do you know where your income comes from? Do you know which prospecting campaigns and which channels generate income? The data produced from the automation platform allows you to determine what works and what does not work in your digital prospecting strategy. By understanding where the income comes from, you are able to market intelligently and more efficiently.

This is important when it comes to retaining customers and generating prospects, because the emphasis is no longer on what you sell, but rather on the person to whom you sell. What are the customer's expectations in the digital age ?

  • The customer expects to search for an online service / product and find the best service or product providers in their region. If your business is not on the first page of search engine results, you will lose customers to your competitors - they want to find a business quickly. To be found online, you must have solid and useful content on your website, combined with the optimization of search engines - both on the page and off page. Companies that devote marketing efforts to their content and to optimizing search engines will reap the benefits, as their website will begin to feature prominently in the results of search engines.
  • The client expects to find as much information as possible about your business and business offers. He must be able to find this content using various devices, from his laptop and PC to mobile devices. You must ensure that your content is optimized for all possible channels and that it is useful, whether it be videos, infographics, blogging articles or white papers .
  • They want instant communication through various channels, including social media, email and chat in real time. This means that you must be available to answer customer questions at all times. This can be done through automated messaging software, AI and sound management of your different social media accounts.
  • They also expect to see testimonies or opinions on your business via online channels such as social networks, online communities etc .... It is essential that you are present in all areas and that you are able to provide an overview of customers on your service offers.

Definition of automation marketing

“Marketing automation” refers to tools and functionalities that allow automation of marketing tasks such as mail or SMS campaigns at the leads. It can be a welcome message to the creation of an account or a special offer on the anniversary of the defined target. This can still be a personalized promotion or a product recommendation when a shopping basket is abandoned before the end of the sales process. “This innovative solution reduces the tedious and repetitive tasks of the marketing teams. "In doing so, it is helping to improve their business performance. It is often integrated into customer relationship management software, and much appreciated in the context of digital marketing B2B. The personalization and optimization of communication and the segmentation of contacts are ensured by a prior analysis of the behavior of Internet users on different channels: The data used also come from the history of purchases or supplied during filling out a form. The automation marketing solution uses all of these elements to automatically produce timely content. All according to preconceived criteria or scenarios. This information, perfectly calibrated according to the activity of the company, is intended for customers or users individually, or personalized according to prospects. Replay Optimize your forecasting and budgeting Find out how digital can support you in budget analysis and forecasting.

The keys to success !

Hbspt.cta.load; Automation marketing is on the rise, the proof: a survey by Business2community shows that 81% of top performers adopt it in order to speed up the decision-making of their prospects. In addition, companies that have implemented an automation marketing solution have seen their qualified leads increase by 451%. The implementation of an automation marketing strategy is a great way for companies to shorten the sales cycle and improve personalization. Automation marketing makes it possible to increase the productivity of your dirty and marketing teams by automating time tasks, to increase customer satisfaction by offering more support in particular and thanks to the sending of good information at the right time or even to retain existing customers. But automation marketing techniques are often misused, poorly deployed... It is not enough to have automation marketing software to achieve the expected results. The tool is essential, of course! But it must be at the service of your strategy and not vice versa! Building on our experience as a digital agency, here are the keys to a successful automated marketing strategy and the main pitfalls to avoid.

Marketing automation consists of cross-channel marketing software that personalizes the content and automates the targeting, timing and content of marketing messages in concert with the actions and behaviors of prospects. But what capabilities should a software marketing automation solution contain ? Here's what you need to start with.

  1. Campaign orchestration tools for campaign creation, optimized deployment and globally simplified campaign management
  2. Segmentation and targeting tools that can use CRM data, web visits and various other sources to create, filter and segment audiences and dynamically update target lists
  3. Leads scoring and modeling tools that operate in multiple campaigns and areas of activity
  4. Design editors to create e-mails, destination pages and reactive forms without the need for IT assistance or an agency
  5. Tools to manage business processes and content
  6. Management of dynamic content capable of adapting and personalizing messaging according to various criteria
  7. Set of object line optimization tools
  8. Management of the Account Based Marketing program
  9. Integrations allowing the sharing of marketing activities of contacts and account and profile data with salespeople, in real time
  10. Native CRM integrations
  11. Analytics / dashboards that provide information on campaigns, emails, account analysis and income allocation

Phase 2: transform these identified prospects into customers: marketing automation and lead nurturing

Once your prospects have entered the database, you must set up more targeted communication techniques. The automation marketing solutions that will be activated throughout the course of a lead then intervene. The digital revolution achieved with marketing automation its "great" by covering the entire sales cycle, from the first conversation to the final purchase. Automation marketing refers to all of the tactics and tools aimed at automating marketing actions avoiding any repetitive task in the marketing department thanks to specialized software. Automation marketing corresponds to the automation of a series of actions and campaigns dedicated to optimizing the generation and management of lead. This software takes care of all the repetitive tasks of a marketing campaign such as sending emails and sms, segmentation of contacts, lead scoring, lead nurturing, customer classification, sending targeted emails or newsletters, sharing of content on social networks, construction of customer profiles, the creation of a client space or the sending of targeted information according to the content that the prospect has previously consulted. It frees up material and human resources so that they can be mobilized on tasks with high added value. To feed this software, we rely on the content marketing actions carried out that have led to an interaction. The goal, you have understood, is to conquer and retain customers over time with personalized content that meets their expectations. These software allow: The number of publishers of automation marketing solutions increased from 51 in 2014 to 83 in 2016. While Hubspot has been the forerunner of automation marketing, many companies today position themselves in this market and offer high-performance software. Let us quote Leadfox, Plezi, Marketo or Webmevanik, Eloqua, Pardot. If you are looking for an automation solution, there is also a comparative site which will allow you to build specifications adapted to your needs. Is this comparative site itself a lead recovery platform? This platform has at least the merit of proposing an exhaustive list of the functionalities of automation marketing. Last tip, if you want to introduce your company to automation marketing, Hubspot offers a completely free CRM version. There are also consultants specializing in lead generation. I will quote Marc Waller, one of the best French specialists in performance marketing.

Figure here? Become Solution Partner Bamsoo.

The Bamsoo Agency is a Marketing Automation Agency Marketing Automation Agency. This is an agency that can support its customers in the use of automation marketing platforms.... which aims to support large accounts and startups in the ecosystem with smart marketing solutions, with its digital marketing specialists. In order to automate complex and repetitive tasks to save time and generate a concrete return on investment, the Bamsoo Agency specializes in marketing automation and works closely with brand marketing teams. We integrate, optimize and develop offers in saas mode to support your success, in particular on the following axes:

Here is a table to summarize:

Things to know Other things to know
Aggregate data from different digital channels Apprehend the interface setting
Design conversion allocation models Generate prospects b2b and b2c
Optimize the conversion rate of campaigns Allow customization of the client route in real time
Accompany your skills development Create a strong link between crm and marketing software
Analyze and segment customer data Create reusable email templates
Optimize forms Set up a cross canal strategy
Take advantage of artificial intelligences  

What marketing automation is

Marketing Automation software allows you to send the right message, to the right person and at the right time. How? 'Or' What? By segmenting contacts according to their behavior, by scoring their level of maturity in relation to your subjects, and by automating actions to send personalized messages. The Marketing Automation manages the behavioral data of your customers. Not only does it become difficult to carry out all of your marketing actions by hand without losing yourself and devoting costly resources to them, but like everything that is done manually, the margin of error is significant. What sets the Marketing Automation from CRM apart is that you can follow the behavior of prospects engaged with your brand in real time and analyze their data. This will automate hyper personalized campaigns and give your customer service information that will allow you to start the relationship at the right time with the right speech. The Marketing Automation will run your campaigns and repetitive tasks such as planning and sending marketing emails, and managing your many contact lists. The Marketing Automation is also very often used for the search for prospects, automatic responders and the qualification of prospects in order to advance prospects thanks to a predefined client route. But it is important to know that very many scenarios are possible, relating to different contact points such as event organizations, shows, webinars, your FAQ page, the development of your ambassadors, or the relances of the inactive.

You may not be using all the functionality of your current platform correctly. If you are concerned, know that changing tools is not necessarily the best solution. You can just learn to use it differently with specific support. However, it is possible that your current tool may meet functional limits. Indeed, in an automation marketing strategy that integrates unified customer profiles, it can have limits in the aggregation and unification of data, but also in the activation of the latter in an omnichannel way. Try, as much as possible, to orient yourself towards an automation marketing platform which integrates a “360” vision of your customers and which has the following functionalities:

  1. Opening to third-party platforms and connection to its entire ecosystem;
  2. Customer profile 360 °;
  3. Management of all types of data;
  4. Omnican activation: email, mobile, web, social media, push app, call center, paper mail.

Which automation marketing tool to choose ?

Hubspot offers extensive services compared to its competitors. It goes further than the simple implementation of automated marketing by expanding its offers to all techniques of Inbound Marketing. In addition, it offers training to learn how to make better use of the functionality of its tool. However, Marketo is also interesting in terms of lead management. Its options may be less broad, but the tool responds to the desire to capture the most information on its contacts, in order to make them prospects, then customers. This tool is therefore aimed at those who have everything they need in Inbound Marketing, but who clearly want to improve the conversion of their contacts. As for Neolane, which has become Adobe Campaign, he promises extensive services, halfway between Marketo and Hubspot, to increase the performance of his automated marketing tenfold and ensure better conversion of prospects. However, it will be necessary to wait until the end of the year, for the tool to be fully developed and to integrate the entire famous Adobe software suite, which promises a fairly powerful synergistic operation! Eloqua represents the ideal solution for large companies that have professional clients. SMEs should rather move towards other solutions, at more accessible and easier to take charge of prices. This does not mean that Oracle's solution is less efficient, on the contrary, you only have to take the time of advanced training to be sure of making maximum use of the functionality of automated marketing software. Finally, Exact Target is a solution that will suit users of Salesforce who do not wish to multiply providers and are used to the refined interface of the brand. The platform works as well for the B2B and B2C activities. It will therefore be necessary to study your real needs in automated marketing to choose the most suitable solution! If you wish to be accompanied in your automation marketing project, do not hesitate to contact our experts.

Simple automation marketing software integrates a set of functions aimed at implementing different automation or workflow scenarios. In particular, you will need to:

  1. A catbot creation tool ;
  2. A tool for creating nighting workflows to advance prospects in the sales funnel
  3. The creation of personalized pop-ups according to the actions carried out by the Internet user on the website
  4. Software for creating & monitoring multichannel campaigns;
  5. Detailed analysis reports with KPis or performance indicators;
  6. Customer relationship management software or CRM

What is automation marketing

The digital products, services and information made available to consumers are more and more numerous and it is difficult to capture their attention. Developing a business in line with a product or service that can easily attract them therefore amounts to making them feel unique while anticipating their needs. And anticipating the needs of consumers to make them feel unique is the raison d'être of marketing automation, the methodology of which can be summed up in the scripting and personalization of exchanges with users. The main objective being to be able to create commercial contacts or qualified prospects. Automation marketing can be defined as a marketing strategy which consists in automating a series of actions and campaigns dedicated to optimizing the generation of leads. The sequence of actions can be considered as a "scenario" intended to be triggered according to predefined initial criteria. Automation marketing solutions therefore make it possible to define criteria that trigger the scenarios as well as a series of actions for them.

ActiveCampaign is a tool that you can use as a CRM, mainly for lead management. Prioritize your prospects, follow the most important tasks and automate the management of your contacts so that nothing passes between the cracks. Take a look at your entire workflow and follow each interaction between your prospects / customers and your salespeople. Features such as lead scoring or automated segmentation, associated with Marketing Automation, will transform your sales team into a machine for concluding transactions.

  • Very easy to take in hand
  • All of your contacts and transactions are managed in the same place
  • The tool simplifies task automation between sales and marketing

How to turn leads into customers

Lead generation is not the end, we must find the tools that will convert these prospects into customers. You must be able to develop automated scripts that will feed them based on their behavior on your site. It is this relationship that will be more regular and less time-consuming for you that will allow you to maintain the relationship with them to gradually lead them to your products and services. You will be very sensitive to the way your platform collects valuable information about each of the contacts you generate. It must make it possible to establish a lead scoring which will be necessary for the sales teams, and of course ensure a perfect bridge with your CRM to transmit the good information at the right time to your sellers. You will understand, if you automate your marketing you will save time, reduce the risk of error and feed your contacts and customers intelligently and regularly with the right content, but this is not the only important functionality within of your digital marketing software. Digital Active can support you in the establishment of a digital platform that is one of the best performers in the world, all of its functionalities are strongly interconnected, which will help you build a pipeline of committed contacts, develop workflows and targeted and measurable automation, to help you feed your leads with the right content at the right time, and help you inform your business team with the essential information to achieve sales. And remember, this is a trend that is progressing inexorably, the B2B industry of marketing automation went from € 325 million in revenue at the end of 2011 to € 1.2 billion at the end of 2014, and forecasts are exponential since in 2020, we could reach the 85% level of the automated customer relationship. Contact us to find out more about digital platforms and get personalized advice to your company and your specific issues:

The marketing automation processes correspond to the different marketing tasks that can be automated with adequate software. Since a large number of marketing activities are now happening online, a lot of marketing processes can be automated, including:

Here is a table to summarize:

Things to know Other things to know
Marketing by e-mail Social network management
Monitoring and maintenance of prospects Performance monitoring
Integration and loyalty of customers  

What is automation marketing?

Providing memorable customer experience and triggering more sales without too much effort is the whole purpose of automation marketing. An all-powerful combination that once seemed impossible is today the solution that simplifies the lives of marketers and business leaders. Whether it is to achieve a sufficient understanding of its commercial offer, to promote its products, to retain its customers or even to attract new prospects, automation marketing is the essential technology for each company. Automation marketing is a set of software and practices put in place to boost his business's marketing strategy and optimize interaction with his audience. Unlike e-mailing campaigns, the principle of which is to impose generic group e-mails on its database, automation marketing derives its effectiveness from the personalized and targeted aspect of making contact with its leads. According to a predefined scenario, automation marketing is used to send the right message at the right time, which increases the engagement rate of its community and guarantees personalized support for its prospects throughout the conversion tunnel.